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FutureTrend Channelからの為替/通貨取引に関する情報。金融市場の最新ニュース、主要な経済イベント/データ出版物、信頼性の高い目標レベルと合理的なストップオーダーの取引提案、主要な通貨ペアやその他の金融商品の動きを予測する効率的な意見について議論します。を参照してください:

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  • Alexandr Roshka 3か月 ago

    The pound / dollar yesterday rose above the level of 1.34, but ambiguous data on the labor market prevented the currency to consolidate its success, throwing it back into the middle of the range of 1.33-1.34. On the political front of the UK, too, not everything is smooth. The Minister of justice had resigned in protest against Brexit, and the house of Commons had rejected an amendment to the bill to extend the government's powers in the negotiation process. All this adds uncertainty and increases the pressure on the pound.

  • Alexandr Roshka 3か月 ago

    The Euro / dollar is stuck in a narrow range, limited to 1.17-1.18 levels. Italian political passions have subsided, and the single currency has not found a new reason for growth.the meeting of the European Central Bank will be held, most likely, without surprises, but investors expect Mario Draghi to hint at the curtailment of incentives and exit from the asset purchase program in September. Cautious rhetoric is likely to increase pressure on the single currency, although much will depend on how the market interprets today's FOMC meeting

  • Alexandr Roshka 3か月 ago

    The dollar / yen has been actively growing since the beginning of the week against the background of reducing geopolitical risks, as well as in anticipation of the Central Bank's decisions on monetary policy. Today-the fed, on Friday-the Bank of Japan. And if the Japanese regulator is not expected to make any changes, the us Central Bank is likely to raise the rate by increasing the yield differential. The current dollar / yen exchange rate is 110.67. Since the beginning of the week, the yen fell against the dollar by 1.5%


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